‘Great editor – thorough and kind!’

Lexi Rees ~ Eternal Seas

Lorraine Rees

‘Emma is highly thought of in the book world and I know of many authors who want to work with her. I don’t think that I’ve ever heard anything negative said about Emma and her work. I sent a sample of my book to Emma to see what services she thought I would need, I was really impressed with the quality of her editing and feedback and would definitely use Emma when my book is (finally) ready to be edited. Emma also gives so much of her time to authors on various Facebook groups, she really is amazing.’

Becca Burnton ~ Debut in progress 

Becca Burnton

‘Sensitively provided editorial support.’

Jane Isaac ~ After He’s Gone

Jane Isaac

‘As an author who is new to all this, I thought I would self-edit to start with. After all, my English is pretty good, right? Wrong! Emma was absolutely brilliant, going through the script meticulously – she even diagnosed that I suffered from a rare and previously undiscovered condition called ‘However Tourettes.’ Thankfully it’s not terminal! Her working methods are easy to understand, even for a techno-phobic imbecile like myself. All her comments were useful and encouraging, some of them left me grinning in delight. Thank-you Emma, I’ve never been quite so happy to be proved wrong! I would recommend Emma unreservedly.’

Andy Paulcroft ~ Killing them with Kindness

Andy Paulcroft

‘Emma is a pleasure to work with. She is so precise and thorough. She is with you 110% throughout the entire editing process and works closely with you every step of the way to ensure your work is the best it can be. I would highly recommend Emma and will absolutely work with her for my future books.’

Sarah O’Neill ~ Deadly Obsession

Sarah O’Neill

‘Emma was a dream to work with and played a huge part in helping get my MS submission-ready. I have no doubt that her work on my MS helped me get a contract with one of the top publishers in the UK and I will always be grateful for that. Highly recommend her services.’

Noelle Holten ~ Dead Inside

Noelle Holten

‘I cannot recommend Emma highly enough. She has been endlessly patient with me, as a debut author in developing my manuscript. Her editing is forensic in detail and her constructive criticisms of the plot and pace of the book have helped me enormously to construct “Going Dark” into a novel I will be proud of. She has helped me to understand that my desire for realism has to be balanced with the need for excitement and intrigue. As an ex police officer this has been of huge value. Thank you so very much.’

Neil Lancaster ~ Going Dark

Neil Lancaster

‘Professional, helpful, and very approachable. A truly top-notch editor.’

Linda Green

Linda Green

‘Emma is an incredible editor. I can’t believe how lucky I was to find her. She goes over and above what I’ve had from any editor in the past. Her knowledge of crime fiction and procedural work has been invaluable. Her edits are insightful, honest and thoughtful. She has edited several books for me and I am now a much stronger writer because of it. Throughout our relationship, Emma has been professional, prompt and conscientious. I unreservedly recommend her editing services.’

Sally Rigby ~ The Cavendish & Walker Series

Sally Rigby

‘I remain indebted to Emma for helping me hone my debut novel before it’s publication. Her eye for detail was superb, and she identified areas that the reader would benefit from in the murky haze of a spy & forensic thriller that had pace – but needed to be more precise. Highly recommended and great to work with!’

Author ~ Michael Jenkins ~ The Failsafe Query

Michael Jenkins ~ The Failsafe Query

‘Emma did a great job proofing my manuscript. Picked up things I would never have noticed. Highly recommended.’

Author ~ Nicky Black ~ The Rave

Nicky Black ~ The Rave

‘Emma came to my rescue at the eleventh hour, waved her magic wand and not only formatted my book to the highest standard, sorting out the complete hash-up that I’d paid somebody else to make of it (sobs!), but she gave it a final proofread too. Her professionalism is second to none, and I now have a final product to be proud of – both for kindle and print. All of the praises she is sung she is due… and many more. I will definitely be working with her again.’

Author ~ Isabella May ~ The Ice Cream Parlour

Isabella May

‘Emma, Thank you so much for this, it is incredible. It’s so clear that you understood my style and voice.

As soon as the next one in the series is complete I shall most certainly be calling upon you!’ 

Author ~ H.M Lynn ~ The Afterlife of Walter Augustus

Hannah Lynn

‘Emma – it’s exactly as you said – a massively improved, flowing, uncluttered reader experience but with my voice, style etc. fully intact – thank you, I’m so happy!’ 

SarahJane Ford

Author ~ I Give You My Heart

SarahJane Ford

‘Finding an editor who understands you and what you are trying to say in your prose, then trusting them to edit your manuscript while maintaining its original shape is like finding that amazing teacher who takes the hand of your nervous child on their first day at school. They make a potentially anxious time all the more bearable.

Emma at Creating Perfection has worked on a few of my smaller projects and helped them feel more polished and professional. I was excited to ask her if she might work on my debut novel manuscript and delighted that she could fit me in to her busy schedule.

Emma is reliably responsive to communication; never leaving me in the dark if I have a query and has boundless patience for anyone who is not technically minded (and I fit neatly into this category). I have welcomed her sensitive suggestions as to why a scene may not be working and very often found the story improves with the alterations I subsequently make.  

I would recommend Creating Perfection services to both new and experienced writers.’

Kate Baker


Kate Baker

‘I found Emma on Twitter and contacted her to do the edit on my trilogy: The Hope Prophecy. She told me when she could get to each one, and when I would get them back. She then did what few editors have ever done before: got them back before, or exactly when promised. I can’t even begin to articulate how professional her work is. It was the most thorough well managed edit I’ve ever had, and the end result was a much better book. Emma is a gem of an editor, and her advice is spot on. She’ll get all my books from now on and is now an essential part of my team.’  

Mark Symns

Author ~ The Hope Trilogy

Mark Symns

‘Emma was recommended to me through a discussion site, Book Connectors on Facebook, for authors. They have my heartfelt thanks. There seem to be a lot of bad editors out there but the gods were smiling on me when I found Emma. She took my manuscripts and turned them into something far better than I could ever have achieved. She is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Emma, and the process I went through with her, made me a better writer, more confident in my abilities, and more aware of the pitfalls I had unerringly found trying to go solo. Thoroughly recommended and worth every penny she charges.’

Roger Bray ~ March 2018

Author ~ Psychosis | The Picture

Roger Bray

Emma is absolutely brilliant to work with. Communicative and approachable and the editing service she provided was second to none. I would highly recommend her services.’

Billy McLaughlin

Author ~ In The Wake of Death | The Daughter

Billy McLaughlin

As a debut novelist, Emma was the perfect editor for me. She kept me on track, helped steady my nerves, and shaped my book in ways I hadn’t thought of. Without her encouragement and guidance there is no way my novel would be currently riding high in the rankings. I look forward to working with Emma on my next manuscript and think she is an absolute star!’

Judith Baker

Author ~ Undercurrent | Her Dark Retreat | The Other Mother

Judith Baker

I really appreciate your input and hard work, thank you so much!’

C.P Wilson

Author ~ Ice Cold Alice

C.P Wilson

I am very impressed with Emma’s comments and improvements … absolutely superb job! Every author would give their right arm for that standard of editing, your input was invaluable … very professional, thorough, and sharp.’

~ Conrad Jones ~

Author ~ Brick|Shadows|Hunting Angels Diaries 

Conrad Jones

Her gentleness is a great quality when it comes to working with often fraught and fragile writers. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services.’

Louise Jensen

~ Author ~ The Sister |The Gift | The Surrogate | Dark Minds

Louise Jensen