Synopsis Critique & Editing Service

Now that your manuscript is finished, and you’ve decided not to self-publish, you need to find a publishing contract. This means you’ll either be submitting to publishers directly, or looking for an agent to work on your behalf.

Either way, the format for approaching either is very similar. You’ll be asked to provide three things:

  1. Cover letter
  2. Synopsis
  3. Sample chapters

The sample chapters shouldn’t be an issue, you’ve already written the manuscript so there’s nothing much to do there.

It’s the other two documents which now need your attention.

Most writers start by scouring the Internet and speaking to everyone they know who can offer their help and advice – yet it may still not be enough to help you feel confident about taking the plunge.

After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

What if you do find the courage to send it out, but six months later you’ve had twenty rejection letters and the rest haven’t bothered replying?

Then what?

Now is the time to get your complete submission package appraised by an expert.

I offer a unique Submission Package, not only will I work on the details below, I will fully edit all three documents in terms of spelling, punctuation, and grammar; and complete a line edit on the sample chapters.

Cover letter

  • Full edit and proofread
  • Cross check content with the requirements of a maximum of five recipients
  • Ensure your focus is on relevant facts and information
  • Ensure consistency, clarity, and readability


  • Full edit and proofread
  • Provide an in depth assessment on the content
  • One hour Skype chat or phone call to discuss the whole manuscript in detail to ensure that the key elements have been included
  • Cross check with the requirements of up to five recipients

Sample chapters

  • Full edit and proofread
  • Provide an assessment on key elements including:
    • plot
    • dialogue
    • characters
    • structure
    • consistency
    • readability
    • setting
  • Suggest areas for improvement
  • Highlight areas that are working

I will also ensure that all three documents are formatted identically to maintain consistency.

The cost of this service is £150.00.

Should you decide to continue working with me within twelve months, and I help you with my Big Difference Editing Service on this manuscript, I will deduct the value of the sample chapter editing from your final invoice. This includes up to a maximum of five-thousand words, or the equivalent of £47.50.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this service in more detail, please use the form below.