Little Tweaks Proofreading

Are you happy with your manuscript? The structural edits are complete and you have a practically perfect manuscript just itching to be sent out to the world? My Little Tweaks Proofreading is the ideal next step for you.

Developed to meet the needs of those authors who have completed the major structural and developmental editing to their work, and have had a detailed line edit completed, LTP is the perfect way to check that all the pesky essentials of sentence structure, spelling, syntax, and formatting are spot on.

A fresh pair of eyes to check through the consistency, spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Basically, everything in the final column of the Levels of Editing grid.

The cost of this service is £7.50 per thousand words – please click Creating Perfection – Little Tweaks Proofreading for full details.

If you’d like to talk about this in more detail, take a look at My Promise and drop me a message via the contact form below.