Chapter by Chapter Editing

Chapter by Chapter Editing was developed to help authors access professional, developmental editing during the writing process.

Having your manuscript edited in stages can provide many benefits, including:

  • learning as you go
  • identifying issues as they arise making them easier to rectify
  • helping you keep on track with your plot and character development
  • spreading the cost

My CbC editing service will include everything covered in my Big Difference Editing service, but will be carried out in stages.

This service was developed for those who have got to a point with their manuscript where they are stuck with the direction, the flow, the character arcs, or who perhaps need to bounce ideas off someone new to ensure they’re on the right path for their work.

Or perhaps you just want to have your manuscript edited in sections so you can learn as you go and implement my suggestions through the rest of the script.

If you’ve found you’ve gone from a cosy historical fiction to sci-fi vampire horror within the space of a few chapters, let me help you figure out where and why.

If you think you could benefit from this type of service, I will require a minimum of five-thousand words (or the financial equivalent) of your manuscript, along with an outline/guide as to where you are hoping to take the script. Once booked in, I will read the section of your work and we will arrange to discuss it either on Skype or the telephone. The turn around for this service can be days rather than weeks, depending on my diary and the length of the section you’d like to work on.

This service costs £12.50 per thousand words. Payment is typically required in full (per section working on) and in advance.

Please use the form below to tell me about your project so far.