Big Difference Editing

Working with a professional editor is one of the most important steps on the road to publication, whether you’re publishing your first or twentieth book.

A great editor does so much more than find the spelling, punctuation, and grammar mishaps and although that is an important element of the process, those technical details are second to the overall part I play in getting a manuscript publication ready.

Creative writing isn’t a science.

I’m by no means saying it’s easy. I’m saying that there isn’t a set formula to writing a book and there isn’t a set formula for editing one. There are certain technical aspects that need to be followed, but, in my opinion, it is far more important to maintain the voice of the author and the characters than it is to follow every single rule out there. And to be fair, who’s to say which rules are right? Look at the Oxford comma (I’m a fan, by the way!)

My primary concern during the editing process is to balance the voice of the author with the needs of the reader.

This means that along with the technical elements, I will ensure: your plot and characters are fully developed, any continuity or clarity mishaps are ironed out, your scene setting, and pace is on the mark and will keep your readers’ attention throughout the book, you maintain the story and stay on track – no one wants to see space vampires in a historical fiction … or do they?!

So, what next?

First, read My Promise to you, check My Rates meet your budget, this service costs £10.00 per thousand words, and then use the form below to tell me about your project.

Once we know I’m available within your required time frame (please note, I am typically booked up six weeks in advance), I’ll complete a sample edit from the middle of your manuscript. This is a free, no obligation sample edit on a maximum of 1,000 words from the manuscript you want me to work on.

This will allow me to assess the level of work needed and show you exactly how I work. I’ll provide you a quote with the completed sample edit based on your estimated word count.

Once you’re happy with everything, you will pay the deposit, sign my T&Cs, tell me your style preferences for the creation of your personal Style Sheet, and you will be confirmed in my diary!

I require four weeks with your manuscript from the date you are booked in. During this time, I will only contact you if there is a problem and I won’t provide feedback until I have completed the first pass. I will then return the manuscript to you with the Style Sheet, which contains a chapter breakdown, details of the SPaG rules we decided on, and my feedback on the manuscript. All my edits will be shown using Track Changes in MS Word. You will also receive the final invoice, which will be due for payment at this stage. If the actual word count has increased by over 500 words than what was booked in, the final invoice balance will reflect the increase. If the word count decreases, without prior discussion, you will be charged for the word count booked in.

The cost of this service includes an optional second pass, which you must book in within three months of the return of the first pass. So, once you’ve completed your edits based on my first pass, I will go back over the changes you’ve made to ensure my comments were understood and have worked, and to make sure no additional mishaps have been introduced. Track Changes must be kept on for the second pass otherwise an additional £50.00 charge will apply.

So, are you ready to take the next step to getting your manuscript publication ready? Use the form below to tell me about your project.

I can’t wait to hear from you!