Big Difference Editing

Developed to meet the needs of those authors who aren’t at the stage of having a completely polished manuscript in their hands, but who have completed the major structural and developmental editing to their work, my Big Difference Editing Service consolidates the precision of the proofreader – the essentials of sentence structure, spelling, syntax, and formatting – with the creativity of the copy-editor at either sentence or word level (see Levels of Editing for more details).

This means that in addition to dealing with the proofreading basics, I will help you smooth any sentences that may have become clunky and suggest alternatives to areas that may need it, whilst looking at the bigger picture issues too – ensuring consistency, continuity, and clarity throughout, character and plot development, fact checking – everything in the middle two columns of the Levels of Editing.

As much as I would love to guarantee I will find every single mishap within your manuscript, I can’t. I’m only human, as are all editors and proofreaders. You could have seventeen rounds of editing and still find that something slips through. Take a look at what can be realistically achieved over on My Promise to you.

The cost of this service is £9.50 per thousand words … Click Creating Perfection – Big Difference Editing for full details.

I want professional editing to be available to all authors, so if you need to discuss financial matters, please do get in touch. I understand and appreciate that you may not have the funds immediately and will happily discuss payment options with you.