Back-to-Basics Manuscript Polish

My Back-to-Basics service is for those authors who may have full confidence in their characters, plot, and the big picture elements of their manuscript but who still want a professional pair of eyes to ensure the content is consistent and polished.

B2B is also for those who may not have the budget for a detailed or in depth proofread.

This service includes:

  • checking for commonly confused words
  • consistency in character names
  • consistency in certain formatting elements including:
    • time formatting
    • date formatting
    • spacing – removing double spaces, and rogue spaces at the start and end of paragraphs, removing double line returns
    • chapter titles
  • fixing lower case letters at the start of paragraphs
  • fixing lower case letters after certain punctuation marks
  • fixing paragraphs which end with no punctuation
  • fixing mishaps with hyphens, en-, and em-dashes
  • fixing straight quotation marks to curly
  • fixing unnecessary spaces before and after punctuation
  • any other spelling, punctuation, or grammatical mishap I see – unless these amount to a need for a more detailed line/copy edit or proofread.

This service will not look at your characters, your plot, nor the content of your manuscript in detail other than that listed above. It is purely to provide a final polish to your manuscript before you publish.

I follow the New Hart’s Rules and use the Oxford English Dictionary and we will discuss your preferences before the work is carried out.

Back-to-Basics is £150.00, and payment is required in full at the time of booking.

Use the form below to get booked in!

I look forward to hearing from you.