Why Pay for Editing Services?

One of the most expensive elements of publishing a book is the editing process. It is also the main area in which many indie authors fail to allocate funds – and later regret.

Read on for some of the most popular reasons for not using a professional editor – and my response to these.

Using family, friends, or the next door neighbour’s cat …

  • There is a lot to be said for using the free services of the people around you, their input can be invaluable, however, do they know what they are looking for? Not just spelling, punctuation, and grammar – do they know the difference between an en rule and an em rule? And the uses of each? Probably not.

Costs …

  • Imagine paying for all those lovely paperbacks to be on the shelves of the bookshops only to find that they are littered with errors … and then having to fork out again for them to be reprinted with the errors corrected – prevention is cheaper than the cure!

I have a great spellchecker …

  • Most document writing programmes have a built in spellchecker which will pick up on the most obvious spelling mistakes but they won’t pick up on sentence structure, incorrect word usage (son instead of sun), or a continuity problem such as a name/hair colour change ten chapters in – a great editor will!

Time …

  • Once you have published your book you want that to be “it” in terms of the script so that you are free to advertise, market, and sell it, whilst being able to write your next novel. You don’t want to be spending time having to rewrite your novel as and when people inform you of mistakes they found.

As the saying goes, prevention is cheaper than the cure and this is so true when it comes to getting your manuscript ready for publication.

The benefits of a professional pair of eyes working on your manuscript can never be underestimated and out of the 300 indie authors I interviewed, 93% of those who didn’t use a professional copy-editor prior to publication received negative reviews along the lines of:

“The plot was great but I had to stop reading because of all the typos and poor grammar.”

All that hard work, all those months spent getting a brilliant plot and the lack of editing is what people will remember.

Would you go back to a restaurant which didn’t give you a knife and fork because they didn’t have the budget?

You want the whole package when you spend your money, so do your readers: A well thought-out plot, edited to the highest standard, and with a striking cover.

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