This is why I do it! When a #review makes you cry – Thank you, Roger! @RogerBray22 #indieauthor #selfpub #amediting #amwriting

It was my turn to cry at a review today!

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As a book blogger, I have received messages from many authors telling me that my review made them cry. Today it was my turn to receive a review that brought a tear or ten …

Roger Bray is an Australian author who self-published two books, only using someone to help him with the covers. A year or so down the line, he decided that although the reviews he was getting were good, the comments about editing were getting him down to the point he took both books off the market so that he could have them professionally edited.

Both of Roger’s books have now been republished and I received this review from him this morning:

‘Emma was recommended to me through a discussion site, Book Connectors on Facebook, for authors. They have my heartfelt thanks. There seem to be a lot of bad editors out there but the gods were…

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Hooking an agent part II – Agent Rory Scarfe shares his top tips for perfecting that submission letter

Any authors looking for advice on approaching an agent, take a look at what an actual agent wants to see in your letter.

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Last week I shared my submission letter for The Sister (originally titled Buried Memories) in the hope it might help those putting together submission packages. If you missed it you can read it here. Today I’m joined by agent Rory Scarfe, of Furniss Lawton, with his three top tips to give your submission letter a head-start.

1) Attention to detail 

As boring as this might sound, you would be amazed at how many letters fall at the first hurdle. This doesn’t just mean spelling the agent’s name correctly (though please don’t address me as Ms Scarfe), but also showing an understanding of what the agent/agency is looking for and why you have selected them particularly. That way you come across as focussed and thoughtful, rather than scattergun in your approach.

2) Show knowledge of the market

More than ever, it is the role of the author (as well as their…

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My New Website!

Well, it’s finally here.

Time to share my new website!

Feel free to take a look around, I will be adding more content over the next few days but the focus of this site is my editorial services and ways in which I can help authors realise their dreams.

Over the coming weeks I will be sharing tips and tricks for Microsoft Word, social media management, generating reviews … lots of different things which will hopefully help at least one author!

Some of you may already know that I am no longer organising blog tours. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with all my authors and bloggers over the last year, however, I want to focus my attentions where my passion lies, editing.

Have a wonderful weekend and, if you’re in need of an editor, give me a shout!

Emma x