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The truth behind the glitter … a look at the dark side of the publishing world #3 #WritingCommunity #AmWriting #AmEditing #CreatingPerfection

As an editor and book blogger, I spend all my time talking to authors. One thing that’s shocked me recently is the number of conversations I’ve had about the dark side of the publishing world.

Not just the stuff in the public eye, but what goes on for the authors on a personal level.

The world has a certain idea of what an author’s life is like and as such, authors feel the need to keep up a pretence to the public.

It’s with this in mind that I’ve started this feature to give authors a safe place to talk about the things that go on behind the scenes.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I want to show people that they aren’t alone, that all the fears and hates and things that terrify them about this world do the same to others, we just don’t talk about it properly.

These posts will be anonymous.

If you want to rant … follow this link.

Now it’s over to ranter #3 …

Author, tell us a little about your publishing journey so far …

I’m writing my sixth novel and have three books for children published. I’ve been writing for about ten years seriously. I self-published, then two publishers have kindly taken me on. I still have a self-published book out there which I’m hoping will be traditional published by end of the year.

Rant … tell us as much or as little as you’d like to about what you love and loathe in the publishing world.

Well, I love writing, plain and simple, but I hate peoples’ attitudes towards it all. Months if not years of work, research, writing, and marketing goes into each book, but people want it for free or a minimum price.

What is that about?

The sweat, the tears, the frustration, the joy of getting a book together, for their pleasure means nothing to many readers.

I hate Amazon with a passion. They are corrupt and vile towards authors, selling my books at ridiculous prices, letting pirates steal my book royalty by selling used and new copies and giving them priority over my publisher. Lying about how long it’ll take for readers to get my books, so it puts readers off. The latest is Amazon are saying 1-2 months!

A blatant lie.

The book is out now, available now, but because my publisher went through other channels, Amazon are hurting us.

I hate pirates who steal my books for their website to download so I don’t get any royalties for MY hard work, MY creation, not theirs and people will go to them, just so it’s cheaper.

I don’t feel valued.

Urgh, this is awful. I absolutely agree that those people who seem to think it’s acceptable to pay over a fiver for a cup of coffee but moan about the price of a book are completely bonkers. There’s very little understanding about what goes into creating a book in some circles and it’s heartbreaking seeing posts on social media where people are complaining that a book costs more than £2!

I do hope this attitude changes, but I’m not sure how we can educate all the readers out there.

Author, thank you for ranting here today, I’m sure there are others out there having these same issues with Amazon and I do hope you get things sorted with them.

And please believe me, you are valued by the people who matter, your fans.

Keep going xx

Readers, let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on these issues.

1 thought on “The truth behind the glitter … a look at the dark side of the publishing world #3 #WritingCommunity #AmWriting #AmEditing #CreatingPerfection”

  1. I’ve learnt a fair bit this past year. I had been pretty naive. I’ve always been a reader but not on the level I am now. I am honestly in awe of authors everywhere and everything they do and deal with x


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