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The truth behind the glitter … a look at the dark side of the publishing world #WritingCommunity #AmWriting #AmEditing

As an editor and book blogger, I spend all my time talking to authors. One thing that’s shocked me recently is the number of conversations I’ve had about the dark side of the publishing world.

Not just the stuff in the public eye, but what goes on for the authors on a personal level.

The world has a certain idea of what an author’s life is like and as such, authors feel the need to keep up a pretence to the public.

It’s with this in mind that I’ve started this feature to give authors a safe place to talk about the things that go on behind the scenes.

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

I want to show people that they aren’t alone, that all the fears and hates and things that terrify them about this world do the same to others, we just don’t talk about it properly.

These posts will be anonymous unless the author wants their identity sharing.

If you want to rant … follow this link.

Now, here we go … our first ranter is up!

Author, tell us a little about your publishing journey so far …

Having been successfully published for factual writing for many years in a variety of media and formats I found the conversion to fictional writing a learning curve. Even someone with experience can feel daunted when facing a new type of writing genre. I literally had to step back and start from scratch. Means I’ve learnt a lot over these last 11 years in my new role as Author and Publisher. The latter is due to my mentoring younger writers and publishing some of their work. The writing part is in most respects the easy bit.

The hard bit comes later. The publishing, the marketing, selling the books, getting your name noticed and of course following that first book up. Most importantly one has to enjoy the writing, or it becomes a chore.

And I do.

Now rant …

The snobbery more than anything. I sometimes feel traditional publishers, and dare I say it, some traditional bookshops, look down on people who have written and published their own work. Bookshops even reject those who have had the help of a small, local but qualified and experienced publisher.

I suppose my pet hate is those people who are in the public eye like, David Walliams, Michele Obhama, and Oprah Winfrey to mention but a few, automatically get a “Best Seller” just because they are who they are. As I review and edit lots of manuscripts, I get quite frustrated when I see good, well written novels etc been refused because they are by Indie or unknown writers. Sites like Amazon and Vanity Press were bound to take advantage. Hence the pouring out of a lot of not so good writing.

My other pet hate is the need for social media (unfortunately a necessity these days) and the vindictiveness of readers. Especially those who are so critical that they don’t care how much they hurt someone’s feelings. You need a hard skin to survive and I don’t see any of these trolls writing so, until they do, they should keep their nasty remarks to themselves.

Thank you so much for sharing and venting.

I do have issues with famous names getting bestsellers when they’ve had a ghost writer. That gets on my nerves, but I think the ones who have done the hard work deserve it the credit when it’s due.

Hopefully one day the snobbery will stop, it really is atrocious how some people think indie authors are any less able to write than someone with a traditional publishing contract.

Look at the likes of L.J. Ross, Conrad Jones, and Mark Edwards! They are all indie authors, do everything themselves, and are all international bestselling authors with millions of readers the world over.
Fingers crossed this attitude changes.

Huge thanks again for sharing, Anonymous Author.

Readers, do let me know your thoughts on these issues.

I hope the rant helped x

2 thoughts on “The truth behind the glitter … a look at the dark side of the publishing world #WritingCommunity #AmWriting #AmEditing”

  1. I felt this one in my heart too. One of our locally owned book stores that “supports” local authors won’t have anything to do with hosting a signing. We are a family of published (Indie) authors. One for me, one for my son and one for my daughter. And I have a new book coming in June or July. In talking with other local authors, I’m not the only one. Thanks anonymous author and thank you Emma … 🙂 🙂


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