Today I have a super special review to share with you … It’s a little different to the norm though! #LiteraryBookGifts #WritingCommunity #Gloves #AmWriting #AmEditing

I’m sharing something a little different with you all today.

Now, some of you may know that I suffer with a chronic illness called Hashimoto’s Disease. It’s under control and all that but two of the symptoms which have affected me for years are muscular/joint pain and an intolerance to the cold. As you can imagine, working on a computer keyboard all day has its problems when trying to manage these symptoms. Normal gloves aren’t conductive to typing but using nothing means my hands and fingers are freezing and stiff and painful.

So, before Christmas last year, the hunt for a pair of fingerless gloves suitable for typing in started. This wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. All the gloves I could find online were chunky knit and were far too bulky to work in. Swapping from typing to writing with a pen wasn’t going to be easy in any of the ones I found. So I gave up the search and knitted myself some!

I’m no expert knitter. I just made a basic rectangle, sewed the ends together leaving a hole for my thumbs, and off I went to my desk. They worked … for a while. But as I said, I’m no expert, and the wool became loose and bobbly and saggy.

I can be at my desk for eighteen hours a day sometimes so I’d kind of given up on finding anything that would work and be as durable as I needed it to be.

Until I received a random email from Literary Book Gifts.

I can only imagine those Big Brother style cookies on my PC had been at work as the LBGC were asking me if I’d be prepared to test and review a pair of their Writing Gloves!

Now why hadn’t I used that search term when I was looking?! I could have saved myself a lot of pain and freezing fingers!

I checked out the website and after a few emails back and forth; I chose my colour, purple, and two weeks later, my gloves arrived.

And let me tell you, they are brilliant!

The wool used is stunning – it’s soft and gentle on my skin – imagine how many movements my fingers make while typing and writing all day – there’s no rubbing; the shape has held wonderfully, and they are deceptively warm meaning my hands are too.

I’ve had my gloves for about three weeks now and I wear them all day, every day. They have maintained their sturdiness and have made such a difference to my working life I can’t begin to tell you. If you have similar issues with your hand joints, you need to get involved with these. They cover to just over halfway up my fingers and down my wrists so keep the whole of my hands warm where the sleeves of a jumper don’t reach.

I also used a wrist and thumb support glove – you know the type – made from an elastic type material. Well, I hardly use that any more as the gloves are tight enough to provide that level of support without cutting off circulation! These are so worth the money – excellent value for such an amazing product.

All in all, I’ll be forever grateful to the team at LBGC for getting in touch, their Writing Gloves are wonderful and should be on the desk of everyone who spends any length of time writing. You can also check out these other gifts for the writer in your life, there are some fantastic products and I wouldn’t be unhappy if someone wanted to send me a White Fang or Crime and Punishment T-shirt!

Anyway, back to the gloves … I’m delighted to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a pair! Seriously, you will love these, they are amazing, and if not for you, you could use them as a gift for someone you love.

To enter, just comment on and share this post! Easy peasy! The winner will chosen on Sunday 14 April and you will be able to select the colour and size you want. What a treat! COMPETITION NOW CLOSED

You can find details of the gloves here:

Writing Gloves

And check out the rest of the products over at Literary Book Gifts … seriously … I’m hoping they need someone to test the T-shirts soon!

Huge thanks for reading! Do enter the giveaway and pop over to see what else LBG have … if there’s a bookworm in your life, you will find them the perfect gift here!

19 thoughts on “Today I have a super special review to share with you … It’s a little different to the norm though! #LiteraryBookGifts #WritingCommunity #Gloves #AmWriting #AmEditing”

  1. I would love a pair! I have Hashimoto’s too and get painful joints at times, I have been looking for some writing gloves x


  2. These are so cute and really practical, my medication gives me cold hands at times so this would be a real helpful item


  3. Glad you solved your problem. These look ideal for me too. Our office in winter can be cold until the heating kicks in and my hands and feet are always cold. I’ve never found a workable solution for my hands -until now 😊


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