Flash Fiction, Monday Motivation, Photo Prompt

#MondayMotivation #FlashFiction #Prompt #CreatingPerfection #AmWriting #Writing #Authors

Need some Monday motivation to kick start your week?

Try your hand at writing a flash fiction story with a beginning, middle, and end in 100 words or fewer, based on the image below. Don’t include the title in the word count and you are free to choose the genre.

You can share it here by posting it as a comment, post it to your own blog with a link back here, or keep it to yourself; either way, enjoy the process.

Image: lifebuoy, life belt

Image courtesy of FreeImages.co.uk

Have a great day, and happy writing x

1 thought on “#MondayMotivation #FlashFiction #Prompt #CreatingPerfection #AmWriting #Writing #Authors”

  1. Rust.
    As a child I watched the boats on the river, and occasionally caught sight of a Kingfisher at the water’s edge. The lifebuoy had been part of my memories, at first shiny and new, later scuffed and corroded.
    Over the years the water silted up and became a dumping ground for abandoned trolleys and treadless tires. Sunlight glinting on something tangled in the weeds caught my eye as a shout for help hit my ears.
    Without a second thought I grabbed the life saver from its post, and watched in horror as it disintegrated into a pile of rust.


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