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#IndieAuthor David McCaffrey shares his #selfpublishing journey today #amwriting #amediting #selfpublishing #indiepub

Who are you and when did your journey begin?

My name is Ben Affleck … sorry, David McCaffrey. My journey began in my mother’s uterus and propelled me towards a writing career that started officially in 2014 (I pretended to start it in 185, 87, 204, 2012…)

Tell us about where you are on your self-publishing journey right now in terms of books published, where you publish, etc.

My debut novel was picked up by the crowdfunding publishing house, Britain’s Next Bestseller. They thought it was about 2/3 grams so decided to take a chance on me (cue the Abba music). After Hellbound was published to little/ no acclaim, I decided to try a different approach to my next book and went with indie publishing house 6e Creative. I then self-published on KDP the e book of the same novel.

Why did you choose to self-publish?

You have a great deal more control over your work that with traditional publishing… unless you buy the publishing house. Which we did.

What’s the best thing about self-publishing?

You have a great deal more control over your work that with traditional publishing… unless you buy the publishing house. Which we did.

And the worst?

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, I think I should go and eat worms. No, seriously, it takes a lot of learning and effort to market your own book. I would always advice other authors new to writing not to jump in; learn what is required and build up your brand slowly.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known before you published your first book?

Marketing strategies and promotion!

If you could change one thing about your self-publishing journey, what would it be and why?

I honestly don’t think I would change anything. It has all been an amazing experience.

Do you have any advice for those who might be looking in to self-publishing?

Learn your craft, research about marketing using social media. You don’t have to spend a lot, but it needs to be tailored to your audience. And listen and learn from bloggers, they know all and are extremely wise!!!

You can keep up with David’s news by following his social media accounts:

Twitter – daveymac1975

Website –

Thank you so much for joining me, David!

If you’re an indie-author who’d like to share their journey, please click here.

Hellbound, David’s debut novel, is available now, here’s the blurb …

His crimes – unforgivable. His death – inevitable. His suffering – just beginning. Obadiah Stark aka The Tally Man, is executed at ADX Absolom, his death sentence watched by the world’s media, victim relatives and one investigative reporter, Joe O Connell. Penning an account of Stark’s personal history and subsequent crimes in the hope of determining what elements make the sociopathic mind tick, Joe discovers clues and inconsistencies which cause him to investigate Stark’s execution. While this is happening in the real world, Obadiah Stark awakens to an afterlife where he has a wife and daughter bound to his childhood hometown. Following his natural predatory instinct, Obadiah proceeds to torment the town, committing multiple murders before being gunned down by the police. He awakens to find that everything has reset, with no one recalling his murderous spree a reality which offers no escape. As the scenes repeat, he is forced to submit to emotions he has never experienced before … and with it, a poisonous dose of morality.

About the author …

David lives in Redcar in the North East of England and works as an Infection Prevention and Control nurse in a local Acute trust. He has a Kelly, a Jake and a Liam.
A huge fan of Steve Alten, John Grisham and Lee Childs, David loves reading as much as he enjoys writing. Hellbound was his first novel, all thanks to Britain’s Next Bestseller and the aforementioned Steve Alten who took a chance on him as a writing coach client and taught him so much about what it takes to be a writer.
Hellbound was voted by W H Smith readers as one of 2014’s most underrated crime novels.
His second book, the novella prequel to Hellbound titled ‘In Extremis’ is currently available on and on both Kindle and paperback and is a Semi finalist in the Kindle Book Awards 2016. ‘In Extremis’ is also available as an audio book on Audible, Amazon and ITunes; Hellbound is due out as an audio book before the end of the year.
He is currently working on Nameless, the next book in the Hellbound Anthology which is due for release before the end of the year.
His project with Stephen Sayers, “By Any Means Necessary” is due out 15th November 2016. 
A self professed geek, David loves Doctor Who, Arrow, Supernatural, Batman, Superman, D.C Comics, Person of Interest, Continuum, Gotham, Star Wars, The Flash, The Walking Dead, The Blacklist…beginning to see a pattern here?
He also knows he only exists as an author because of you, so thank you very much.
Join David and learn more about Hellbound and upcoming projects at:
Facebook –
Twitter – @daveymac1975
Blog –

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