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Click on the picture above to watch one of the funniest writer’s remorse clips ever!

Have you discovered that your cosy historical fiction now contains space vampires?

Your MMC’s pet dog has grown sixteen legs and a twenty a day habit?

Are you so familiar with your WIP that you cannot see where you have had the mishap from the perfectly developed outline you had planned to the jumble of words you now appear to have?

Are you about to hit delete or burn the pages?


Check out my new Step by Step Editing service and see if I can help.

This service was developed for those who may have gotten to a point in their manuscript where they are stuck with the direction, the flow, the character arcs, or who perhaps need to bounce ideas off someone new to ensure that they are on the right path for their work.

Don’t give up, help is available! You may just need a fresh pair of professional eyes to take a look and reassure you that you are on the right track, or to guide you back in the right direction.

Happy writing x

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