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This is why I do it! When a #review makes you cry – Thank you, Roger! @RogerBray22 #indieauthor #selfpub #amediting #amwriting

As a book blogger, I have received messages from many authors telling me that my review made them cry. Today it was my turn to receive a review that brought a tear or ten …

Roger Bray is an Australian author who self-published two books, only using someone to help him with the covers. A year or so down the line, he decided that although the reviews he was getting were good, the comments about editing were getting him down to the point he took both books off the market so that he could have them professionally edited.

Both of Roger’s books have now been republished and I received this review from him this morning:

‘Emma was recommended to me through a discussion site, Book Connectors on Facebook, for authors. They have my heartfelt thanks. There seem to be a lot of bad editors out there but the gods were smiling on me when I found Emma. She took my manuscripts and turned them into something far better than I could ever have achieved. She is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Emma, and the process I went through with her, made me a better writer, more confident in my abilities, and more aware of the pitfalls I had unerringly found trying to go solo. Thoroughly recommended and worth every penny she charges.’
I am overwhelmed by this, Roger. Thank you!
If you’d like to check out the books, Psychosis is out now (click the cover below to be taken to Amazon) and The Picture will be available in a couple of weeks, I’ll keep you posted
Psychosis: When a Dream Turns Deadly by [Bray, Roger]
When Hazel disappears, the police are convinced that her husband, Alex, has killed her.
Three years after his conviction for murder, Alex and his sister, Alice, are devastated when their last appeal is rejected by the courts. With nowhere left to turn, Alice must start to put her life back together.
Living in limbo herself, Alice has a chance encounter with Steve, an ex-solider turned PI who offers to look at the case files. Steve is convinced that the prosecution’s case is shaky at best, but can he find out the truth before it’s too late for Alex?

2 thoughts on “This is why I do it! When a #review makes you cry – Thank you, Roger! @RogerBray22 #indieauthor #selfpub #amediting #amwriting”

  1. Well done Emma.
    Indeed a good review lift your soul and does indeed make you smile!
    I love seeing the children enjoy the books when I read them.
    I don’t always get reviews for them (children’s picture books) but love their comments!

    Liked by 1 person

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