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Author Alan Jones joins me today to discuss his self-publishing journey @alanjonesbooks #SelfPublishedAuthor #CaseStudy #IndieAuthor #AuthorAdvice

In the first of a new feature where self-publishing authors tell me about their highs and lows, I am delighted to be sharing the journey of author, Alan Jones.

Who are you and when did your self-publishing journey begin?

Alan Jones. I first self published after trying to get traditionally published. An agent and a publisher both told me my books weren’t quite for them but they had potential, and that I could do well by self publishing. So I did.

Tell us about where you are on your self-publishing journey right now in terms of books published, where you publish etc.

I’m writing my fourth book,  and I may have another try for a publisher, but I will have no problems self-publishing if nothing comes of it. With each book I’ve self published, I have found that lessons learned from doing the previous books have made the process much easier.

Why did you chose to self-publish?

Mostly because I became disillusioned trying to find a publisher, and because self-publishing was suggested as a good option by respected professionals in the publishing industry.

What is the best thing about self-publishing?

Having complete control of what and when you write, and an immense feeling of satisfaction that it is achievable. And you get to keep a much larger percentage of your book earnings.

What is the worst thing about it?

The amount of time it takes, which eats into your writing time.

What do you know now that you wish you’d known before you published your first book?

I wish I’d known about Book Bloggers and Facebook book clubs. The limited success I’ve had so far is almost entirely down to them.

If you could change one thing about your self-publishing journey, what would it be and why?

I write under a pseudonym, and no-one in my home town knows that I write. I had my reasons, as I wanted to keep my work life and my writing life completely separate. If I did it again, I wouldn’t go down this route.  You lose out on a large potential market for  self published  authors, and you can’t give readers much background about yourself. The only up side is that you know that all your reviews are from people who don’t know you, at least for the first few books.

Do you have any advice for those who may be looking into self-publishing?

It’s hard work, and you have to be prepared  to learn many new skills. And you really need to pay for an editor, and probably a cover designer.

About Alan …

Alan Jones is a Scottish Author with three gritty crime stories to his name, the first two set in Glasgow, the third one based in London. Living on the Clyde coast in Ayrshire, he works in the animal health industry, makes furniture and maintains and sails a 40 year old yacht in the Irish Sea and the West coast of Scotland. He writes under a pen name for work related reasons, and is married with grown up children. He loves reading, watching films and cooking. Last year he hung up his football boots as age and a dodgy ankle caught up with him.

His books are not for the faint-hearted, with some strong language, violence and various degrees of sexual content. The first two books also contain a fair smattering of Glasgow slang.

To keep up to date with Alan and all his bookish news, you can follow his journey over at: and you get your copies of his books by clicking the links below.

Thank you so much for joining me and sharing your journey Alan, it’s great to see such a great success story!

If you’d like to share your self-publishing journey, click here and fill in the form.

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