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Commonly misspelled words, confused definitions, & homophones #WritingCommunity #AmEditing #AmWriting #Authors #AuthorAdvice #Grammar #CheatSheet

With every manuscript I open, I carry out some basic housekeeping before I start the actual editing. This includes checking for some of the most commonly misspelled words and I have a list of these printed out which I keep to hand.

As the same words crop up in the majority of the manuscripts I work on, whether from a debut author or an author on book twenty, these confusions still appear.

It’s with this in mind that I thought I would share with you my cheat sheet so you can print it out and keep it to hand if you’d like to.

I have included some of the most commonly misspelled words, words whose definitions are often, and easily, confused, and some of the most common homophone (words which sound the same but which have different meanings and/or spellings) mishaps.

I do hope you find this useful!

You can download the PDF here: Creating Perfection – Grammar Assistant

Let me know in the comments below if you struggle with any of these.

Do you have any tips and tricks for remembering them?

2 thoughts on “Commonly misspelled words, confused definitions, & homophones #WritingCommunity #AmEditing #AmWriting #Authors #AuthorAdvice #Grammar #CheatSheet”

  1. Thank you for this. Most of it I was secure with but it is great to have a crib sheet to refer to. so I have saved it in my writing folder.

    On a recent visit to a school where I was teaching a set grammer lesson the children had the following example to write the alternative homophone for :- The heard of cattle were in the field! (This was a printed sheet from a reputable teaching resource text book!) Sue Wickstead


    1. My pleasure, Sue. I’m glad it will be of use to you. Herd and heard is a great one, with young children myself, I am constantly reading these types of mistakes in their homework and as much as it hurts my eyes, it is so easy to do, especially for the youngsters.

      Happy writing x


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