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What do you always do? #Rituals #Editing #Writing #Editors #Authors #Bloggers

Last week I attended an online author chat with Louise Jensen and her Bookouture publicity manager, Kim Nash, over on Facebook. Louise is the bestselling author of three psychological thrillers, The Sister, The Gift, and The Surrogate (click the links to buy your copies!) and one of the questions asked was what, if any, rituals Louise has whilst writing.

She explained that she listens to classical music and lights a new, berry scented candle when she starts a new draft.

This got me thinking about the rituals I have when editing a manuscript.

Before I open a new manuscript, I clean my desk. I take everything off it, pc screen and all, then clean and polish it, the keyboard, mouse, screen; I organise the stationery in my screen riser, and the books I keep on my desk top. I then open a new page in my notebook and get my highlighters out, ready to use when needed.

Then, I clean my office, I tidy, polish, hoover, and clean the windows. Only then do I feel able to sit down and open the manuscript for the first time.

I think this is all about newness, a new, clean manuscript deserves my mind clear of anything other than it’s content. I don’t want to be looking at a messy pile of books or a dusty screen riser, I don’t want to be thinking about the fact I need to hoover or that the windows I am looking out of have smudges on. I want to fully immerse myself in the new characters I am about to meet and the new plot lines I am about to dive into. The author has spent months, maybe even years working on this and I feel that deserves my complete and undivided attention.

I’d love to hear about your rituals. What do you have to do before you start reading, writing, or editing?

Let me know in the comments below ~ have a wonderful day!


7 thoughts on “What do you always do? #Rituals #Editing #Writing #Editors #Authors #Bloggers”

  1. The less time you have, the less rituals you can afford to have. I need to be able to write any time I have a spare moment, so my goal is to eliminate any rituals I discover myself needing!


    1. Great point, Jonas!

      I know an author who wrote her debut novel in the carpark at various locations where her children had after-school clubs and using the notes app on her iPhone.

      Good luck with your writing!


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